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Bribe in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    bribe in a dream symbolizes a light attitude to the prevailing customs, full materialism as well as reluctance to listen to and adapt to other people's rules. You are aware of your own worth by which you value highly, but be careful not to abuse your position only for its benefits.
    see someone giving a bribe - you tend to procrastinate and put things aside, often you take a passive role, instead of taking your own initiative and solving problems that keep you awake at night
    be bribed, take a bribe - you tend to be influenced by other people, be maybe you even let them dictate what to do, if you don't feel like cunning games, better gather your strength in time and start fighting it
    hand someone - don't expect too much from others because you can miscalculate
    give the cop - you believe that you are beyond the law and rules; if you hope to get away from the problem in a dishonest way, you may be unpleasantly surprised.

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