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Brake in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The dream about brakes warns against taking unnecessary risks in life, because irrational behavior does not always pay off on a daily basis, in some situations it is better to act carefully and carefully.
    After such a dream, you better check if your brakes in the car are working, because it may turn out that the dream is a prediction.
    to see - try better take care of your own personal matters
    use - slow down, be more relaxed in life; maybe you need to take a break or sever some contacts
    broken - lack of stability in life; you lose control over an important matter; it is not a good time to take any risks
    malfunctioning - time passes and you do not do progress; think if someone is inhibiting your development
    not being able to apply the handbrake - you have no prejudices
    skid when you press the brake - you will lose control over things in your home; try to be less distracted or everything starts to fall apart.

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