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Bow in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The bow heralds an important period in our endeavors, and is a positive sign that cheers us up. If you bounce back, you can shoot many more good opportunities in your life The bow in a dream symbolizes the goal to which we want to strive every day, the inseparable element of the bow is the arrow with which we hit a specific point which is the equivalent of our happiness. skills.
    see - desire to rest, longing for a peaceful life
    to own - you will achieve your goal
    to hear the whistle of an arrow - some important matter will be resolved in the near future
    shoot it - you risk a downtime in your current projects
    draw an arc - no success in the present prov edpiswzasie
    make an accurate shot from the bow - unexpectedly you will achieve great success
    make a missed shot - someone is successfully plotting behind your back
    broken bow - a series of failures awaits you
    bow hunt - unexpected perturbations will occur in your life.

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