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Bouquet in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A bouquet in dreams has always been seen as a sign of happiness, joy and fun, it is usually associated with a declaration of love, a proposal or a sweet and cheerful bliss of life. For the sick, the bouquet seen in dreams foretells healing, for the lonely it foretells successes in love life, possible in relationships.

BOUQUET - the meaning of dream:

    If the bouquet consists of only a few flowers, then in a dream it is a sign of impatience due to the inability to take a proper position on a certain matter. Stop worrying in advance, as your position will completely change in the near future.
    A small bouquet means that spiritual work will lead you to recognize your great potential. You most likely feel overloaded with your daily work, so you will finally find time to start enjoying the wonders of life.
    If you see more than one bouquet, then the dream book predicts good entertainment that will help relieve unnecessary tension and emotions. You will also find sincere friends with whom you will begin to conduct successful ventures.
    A large bouquet in dreams is a sign that you will withdraw from a complicated matter and want to finally associate with people who deserve your respect and recognition.
    According to the dream book, more than one bouquet is a harbinger of good entertainment. You will finally experience the renaissance of your relationship or meet someone with whom you will have a good time.
    The bouquet drawn in the painting bodes distinctions, and in all areas of professional life, it proclaims the achievement of honors and recognition.
    Arranging a bouquet in dreams is a sign that if you are completely honest, you will achieve your intended goal. You will also be great in a new role for you.
    If you dream that you are giving or receiving a bouquet from someone, it means that someone will appreciate your efforts and work, you will be in the foreground and you will shine. At work, you can count on a promotion or a raise.
    A damaged bouquet is an announcement of a proposal or friendship that will be one-sided and will remain unanswered.
    A dry bouquet can herald serious illness and even death in dreams. At work, all your actions will need to be corrected, so don't let yourself work for two and be responsible for other people's shortcomings.
    A bouquet of mushrooms is a sign that you will make futile love treatments in your life.
    According to the dream book, placing a bouquet on someone's grave means that there will be traps at every step, into which you may start falling into too much emotional unrest.

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