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Bonfire in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The appearance of a bonfire in a dream is a sign that it is high time to express yourself and open up to people and the world. The bonfire is a symbol of care, safety and comfort. It indicates also for strong family ties and values. The heat that comes out of the fire ensures survival (it gives you the opportunity to warm yourself and prepare a meal).
    to see - you will take a new direction in life and start realizing your overarching goals
    on fire - you will have to part with your loved ones for a long time
    ignite them - after a long period of stagnation hope will enter you again, which will turn out to be a light in the tunnel
    bake a sausage on the fire - you will be gifted with love by someone
    to sing with him - your passion will consume you completely
    sleep by the fire - you will find a life guide who will provide and you a safe haven
    to smell its scent - in some way you will trust your intuition, but you will not appreciate the risk that may be faced if you choose the wrong path
    jump over the fire - you will experience great anxiety in your life
    fading away - a harbinger of scarcity and poverty.

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