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Blueberries in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A dream of victorious love, can also symbolize a depressed mood and a bad state of mind.
    see or eat - a symbol of eternity, love and optimism for the future
    pick berries - memories of youth, a desire to return to that time or an attempt to take advantage of the still ongoing youth
    look for blueberries - you waste your precious time on activities that are not worth your attention
    white berries - destructive emotions will interfere with your happiness
    blueberries - a symbol of youth and perfection; it means that the person you love will confess his love to you again
    red berries - a dream portends a serious illness
    mature - thanks to excellent physical condition you will keep your young appearance for a long time
    immature - problems and worries in the family.

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