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Blood in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Blood in a dream is a symbol of love, passion and disappointment. It means fear of the unknown, it also has a sexual meaning.
    see - you are worried about someone
    see the writing in the blood - the dream refers to some situation in your life that cannot be changed
    blood on the walls - a warning of a situation that you will have to face and you will not be able to postpone it
    blood on the bathroom walls - sure the case will cause a lot of emotions in you
    to be stained with blood - you feel guilt or shame
    to bleed - it portends physical or mental exhaustion ; alternatively sleep means a painful or unpleasant confrontation with people you know well
    seeing someone bleed - need help because of your emotional state
    donate blood - arduous effort ek will make you stressed and exhausted
    blood from the nose - interesting news
    to have blood on your mouth - you are afraid of something which poses no threat to you
    frozen blood - you will start to suffer from minor health problems
    black blood - serious illness
    spit blood - worries and worries
    drink blood - your desires will finally come true
    animal blood - successful ventures will make you believe in yourself
    thick blood - your life will run slower
    thin blood - many things will pile up that will have to be dealt with
    body lying in blood - you will be surprised by an unpleasant surprise, but you will do well with it
    blue - business stagnation.

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