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Blonde in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A blonde in a dream is a symbol of unrestrained instinct, artificiality, thoughtlessness, extravagance and carefree. It is also a sign of joy and frivolity in life. In men's dreams, a blonde portends disappointment in matters of the heart, in women's dreams it is a sign of jealousy, betrayal, scandal or gossip.
    if in a dream you are blonde - it means that a man has a good opinion or is clearly interested in you
    dyeing blonde - a thing that you have been striving for a long time to your surprise will succeed
    several blondes in one place - it is a harbinger of restless days full of interesting impressions or life shocks, to survive you must first be patient otherwise you will fall
    be jealous of the blonde - someone very clever will wrap it wearing you around my finger
    I mean negative blonde in a dream can be a symbol of hypocrisy and duplicity, be careful what you say in the company, because other people may use your words against you.

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