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Birth in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Birth in a dream marks the beginning of a new acquaintance or an important stage in everyone's life, it can also reflect new ideas, projects or life changes. it is also a symbol of the maternal instinct and, in particular, the desire to protect people close to us. In a negative sense, a dream can mean the beginning of new problems or fear and a feeling of helplessness. If the dream is not related to pregnancy in real life then it indicates the following changes in your life. new opportunities and beginnings It is also a dream of a powerful spiritual meaning.
    to see the birth - it is a sign that you will finally end your routine and take up new challenges in your life
    own birth - means the beginning of a new path that will open up new opportunities and possibilities for you
    birth of a child - you will receive a beautiful gift from life, which will improve your n approach to certain difficult life issues.

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