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Dream Dictionary Birds - What do birds mean in dreams?

A dream about birds generally signifies peace and lightness in life. It is considered a lucky omen. Birds are seen as a reliable source of information and a well-known motif in literature and art. They are associated with peace, freedom, and messages, and symbolize new ideas and fresh perspectives.

Blue bird sitting on the fence

What is the general meaning of a dream about birds?

A dream about birds has several general meanings, depending on the context. If you are a woman dreaming about birds, it signifies that you will likely be in a happy relationship or find love soon. Birds without feathers and unable to sing warn that you will be dominated by a richer person. Flying birds foretell prosperity. A dream of hunting birds predicts luck, business losses, and poor harvests. A bird with a large beak suggests that you will be in the center of a scandal. Feeding birds bread is a positive sign that you will face an attack from someone who has never been on the opposite side of the fence. Throwing grain to birds is a symbol of material wealth. Seeing a weakened or injured bird may indicate that you will face certain problems related to freedom of speech. If you see a very large bird in the sky, it is a positive dream signifying great spiritual awareness. Birds are also associated with communication.

Bird in the house

When you dream of birds inside your house, it is a sign of good health. Seeing birds pecking at the windowsill in your home signifies that happiness will be around you. Birds pecking at grass in the yard next to your house predicts that a long-awaited guest will arrive at your doorstep.

Flock of birds

A flock of birds is a symbol of resourcefulness and a prediction of self-fulfillment and achieving life goals. If birds in a flock behave aggressively, it may indicate a period of disappointment in the near future. A flying flock of birds signifies that you need to rest, especially if the birds are migrating.

Dead bird

Seeing a dead bird in a dream may signify the end of a difficult situation. If you dream that you see a dead chick or small bird, it is a sign that you will start worrying about potential dangers that may arise in your life.

Petting birds

A dream about petting birds is a sign that your humanity will be put to the test. You will most likely succeed in this fight, but you will have to overcome your fears and inhibitions first. Remember not to give up too early due to your own doubts.

Sitting bird

If you see sitting birds in your dream, it symbolizes sadness. There is a chance that you will lose a loved one who means a lot to you. At first, you won't realize what happened, but after some time, the information will start to reach you. However, it will be difficult for you to come to terms with the situation.

Attacking bird

A dream about birds attacking predicts that someone may attack you in real life. Such a dream may also indicate disputes and arguments in your immediate environment. Most likely, you will quarrel with someone with whom you compete for social status or a place in the workplace.

Small bird

A dream about a small bird suggests that you will encounter difficult conditions in life, as well as a time full of emotions and experiences. Such a dream is a warning to be cautious of potential dangers. A small bird in your dream may also symbolize new beginnings and taking creative actions.

Migrating birds

A dream about migrating birds represents the spiritual balance of human subconsciousness. Birds are often seen as messengers of angels in many different dream interpretations. They often indicate the need for a change in your lifestyle and emphasize your inner desires and emotions. This dream also suggests that you may be afraid of someone who plays an important role in your life. The pace of life that exhausts you will be the reason for you to take a break.

How to interpret a dream about birds?

Various people in different cultures attribute different meanings to birds that appear in their dreams. It is commonly known that birds symbolize news, as they are messengers conveying various types of information.

What does a flying bird in a dream mean?

A dream about flying birds is a warning to be extra cautious in life. You are probably approaching a difficult or demanding period in your life. A bird falling during its flight warns you to be particularly careful when making important transactions with people you don't trust. It is best if you avoid any conflicts with your surroundings and focus on your work.

What do the different colors of birds in a dream mean?

Here is a list of colors in which you can see birds in your dreams. Pay attention to their meanings:

Blue birds in dreams are a symbol of love and honesty. They indicate that you will devote yourself to new projects and challenges. They also signify peace and kindness.

A dream about purple birds is associated with meditation and spatial imagination. If you want to stand out, you should first think about presenting yourself better to others.

Red birds are a symbol of energy, passion, and life stability after a turbulent period in life.

A dream about yellow birds foretells the arrival of times full of joy, thanks to which you will gain additional strength to deal with current problems.

Green birds in dreams are a symbol of balance and communication. They reflect calmness and a love of life. Black birds in dream interpretations are a sign of misfortune or a deep focus on developing your own projects.

Brown birds in dreams are a symbol of fertility, while golden birds represent material wealth. According to dream symbolism, white birds represent life peace and meditation, and also represent a clear mind.

A dream about multicolored birds symbolizes carefree, happiness, and joy.

Bird nest with eggs

A dream about a bird's nest with eggs symbolizes prosperity and gains. You will most likely receive solid compensation for your work. A larger amount of money in your household budget will probably come in handy for paying off debts or making long-overdue purchases.

Being a bird

When you dream that you are a bird, it is related to an attempt to distance yourself from life difficulties. Like a bird, you are simply trying to fly away. The only way to overcome your problems according to dream interpretation is to face your current problems.

What is the significance of birds in a Mystical Dream Dictionary?

According to a mystical dream dictionary, birds symbolize the direction in which our life is headed and the spiritual power associated with the ability to fly through the skies. Birds appearing in dreams can be a sign of impending major changes and symbolize happiness, nature, and the material universe.

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