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    A dream about birds symbolizes your goals, aspirations and hopes; alternatively it means joy, balance in life and love. Birds in a dream also indicate a desire to ascend to highlands, abandon your current life and achieve something great.
    see or hear birds - a positive symbol that testifies to harmony in life
    singing birds - you will hear new messages
    migratory birds - a dream announces life changes
    big bird - rely on your sense orientation and you will avoid unpleasant traps
    a bird with a large beak - you will participate in the scandal
    be attacked by birds - you will get into conflict with a friend
    wounded bird - you will encounter minor adversities in life
    flying birds - you will achieve spiritual and mental freedom
    birds of prey - treat your new acquaintance with distance
    see birds trying to break into the house - stray to the wrong path
    see dead or dying birds - you will experience great disappointment
    to see birds distorted or of unusual size - a dream promises a lack of understanding in matters of the heart
    flying on the ground birds - unplanned expenses will consume your entire budget
    featherless birds - you will get addicted to someone
    see the eggs of the birds - a dream foretells a flow of cash
    a bird locked in a cage - you will get involved in a project that will turn out to be beyond your strength
    an empty cage for birds - you will experience an emotional shock
    Pay particular attention to the color of the bird's plumage in a dream:
    blue bird - you will devote yourself to your desires
    purple - you should better work on your negative qualities
    red bird - you have enormous energy and passion for work
    black bird - don't look for enemies where there aren't any
    yellow bird - lots of joyful moments waiting for you
    green bird - as long as you can take care of the way of communicating with the environment
    orange bird - you will start to be bursting with creative energy.

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