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Bill in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Low self esteem prevents you from achieving success in your life. You are very meticulous and inquisitive, which may disturb other people. Every day, many people value you for your objectivity in different situations and your high efficiency in your actions.
    see - you will change your mind on an important matter just in time and thus you will not suffer any loss
    issue a bill - do not get involved into uncertain interests because they can ruin your property
    receive a bill - a certain person will remind you of a promise you once made to her
    pay - you will gain recognition from a man who has not believed in you until now
    unpaid bills - obstacles that will unexpectedly appear in your life will completely change your plans
    add up bills - think carefully before taking unnecessary risk in your life
    bank account - you will take actions that may adversely affect your finances.

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