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Bentley in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Bentley seen in dreams is a symbol of material achievements, true fantasies and the desire to confront one's fears. Dream should be associated with unparalleled luxury and great performance.
    see a bentley - tells you that in the future you will meet a successful mentor who will help you develop your career
    driving a Bentley - suggests that you want to change your way of life to a more luxurious one, you try to be the best in everything, tough, flexible and more optimistic
    driving a Bentley - is a sign that you will start to do well in life
    being a Bentley passenger - shows that your life is getting out of control, you feel that someone is pushing you to make a decision that you don't really want to make
    receiving a Bentley as a gift - means that you are trying to earn money from material goods.

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