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Belly in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

The abdomen is the center where all the food that enters the human body is digested. It is there that important processes take place that enable proper functioning within various systems. The interpretation of the dream states that the belly that appears in dreams indicates the possibility of various types of health ailments and also emphasizes the need to pay more attention to the current diet. The meaning of dreaming about the belly hides an important message that says to pay special attention to what you put in your mouth, because the condition of your belly depends on it. In a negative sense, the belly can also be a sign of trouble and unsuccessful attempts in real life.

What does it mean to dream about BELLY?

  • If you dream that you can see your belly, then it means that you are still focusing on one topic and cannot stop thinking about anything else. It is best if you try to trust your own intuition, then everything will definitely return to normal.
  • If you dream of your own belly, then the dream is a warning that, for some people, appearances may confuse you. You will have to clear up a lot of ambiguities in order to trust your surroundings again. Dream is also a warning to be careful in all respects and be careful about your own health. Having your own belly in dreams also means that you will have a chance to enrich yourself spiritually.
  • A large belly in a man in dreams shows that he will lose a lot through his own laziness. Dream is also a sign that you are fighting for your own happiness. A woman's large belly is a dream foretell of considerable profits in business. Dream also foretells profits and financial gains.
  • A flat, slim and small belly in dreams is a harbinger of righteous judgments, it can also portend minor troubles. Such a dream may also mean that you will suffer financial losses, which will cause you to be tormented by worries and anxieties.
  • If you are a woman and you dream that your stomach is bare, it means that you are a person with many secrets.
  • Abdominal cramps, in accordance with the dream book, indicate life shortcomings, unresolved problems or too high ambitions. Dream can also be a sign of a lack of vitamins and minerals in the body.
  • Dreaming of a wrinkled belly sends a message that someone who claims to be your friend will bring you bad luck. This may also apply to your health, which you need to watch out for now with redoubled strength.
  • According to the dream book, lying on your stomach is a preview of health problems.
  • A bloated stomach is a sign in dreams that you will be able to solve all current problems.
  • The dream book interprets a child's belly most often as an announcement of minor infections and diseases, especially if you have your own children, a dream may be a real omen of various types of health ailments.
  • In dreams, the piercing in the abdomen is an expression of a manifesto of one's own distinctiveness and diversity. Such a dream may be an expression of a desire to stand above the standard way of thinking of other people. The dream of an earring in the belly also emphasizes the deep connection of the dreaming person with the mother, and is also a message that in some matters it is worth trusting the mother's instincts.

Belly in the mystical dream book:

The belly, according to a dream interpretation, is the spiritual center of growth. The food that goes there is of great importance for the physical and mental health of the dreamer.

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