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Beer in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Beer in a dream means happiness, relaxation and new inspirations. Under certain circumstances it also indicates social fatigue.
    to see beer - free yourself from worries and finally start to enjoy every moment in your life
    to see people drinking beer - someone will thwart your plans
    drink them - an announcement of good health and success in finances
    drink with someone - you will be able to count on devoted and sincere friends
    drink beer in the pub - watch out, because someone is waiting for you to stumble
    buy a beer and not drink it - sleep is a warning against a possible accident
    get drunk with beer - you will spend too much time indulging in life's pleasures
    spill them - you will encounter temporary problems in life
    watered down beer - watch out, someone would like to undermine your reputation
    light beer - good news will come
    dark beer - fate will finally smile at you.

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