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Bee in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Bees in a dream symbolize wealth, good luck, harmony, creativity and happiness; they also represent hard work. Sleep can be negative, especially if bees sting us, then he may propose a conflict with people from his immediate surroundings.
    see the bee - your hard work will eventually be appreciated by someone
    see the queen bee - your life will be dominated by women
    working bees - a dream heralds a success story in life
    see a bee hatching - your well-being will improve significantly
    to see the bee's nest - you will spend pleasant moments with your closest friends
    bee swarm - sleep reflects the balance between work and home life
    a swarm of bees circling around the hive - you should be more prudent
    to have them at home - an announcement of successes in your personal life; testimony of devoted friends who are able to jump into the fire after you
    to be stung by a bee - a dream is a warning that someone may possibly hurt your feelings
    attacking the bees - you will find yourself in a situation that will overwhelm you
    catch them - the new venture will bring you recognition and money
    drive away the bees - you will feel aggrieved, perhaps because of some biting remark
    kill her - unexpected troubles will fall upon you
    bees sitting on flowers - a new feeling will soon bloom in you
    to see a bee on large red flowers - a dream portends a happy beginning.

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