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    Sleeping about bed means being fully aware of one's intimacy and slowly discovering one's sexuality. Moreover, sleep symbolizes safety, seeking home happiness and peace is a form of escape from the everyday world.
    see - some circumstances will make you think differently than before
    see blank - a bad sign foreshadowing misfortune in your family
    sleep in it - risky actions may turn out to be dangerous for your surroundings
    throw yourself at it while sleeping - you must ease your own governance a bit
    sleep in your own - you will finally find a safe haven
    wake up on someone else's bed - you will suffer the consequences of making a certain decision
    to see a person of the opposite sex in your bed - you will meet with a lack of understanding from your relatives j people
    to see an animal slide into bed - sleep is a warning against illness or depression
    look for it - you have difficulty with expressing your intimacy or inhibiting your own sense of sexuality; moreover, sleep means that you are looking for inner security and happiness or you simply lack sleep
    not to have a bed - you feel enormously tired and frustrated due to the inability to adapt to the prevailing social norms
    unable to fall asleep in it - quarrels and dilemmas await you
    make the bed - satisfaction with family life
    waterbed - you feel vulnerable and isolated; your ideas may now be unacceptable to other people
    soft bed - some secrets will soon be put to the test; alternatively sleep means neglect in sexual matters
    marriage bed - there will be an opportunity to restore good relations with the environment
    single bed - you focus only on yourself and you do not spend enough time with your loved ones
    hospital bed - sleep is an announcement of unpleasant things, but necessary to do
    lie in a clean bed - you will start to enjoy life
    lie in a dirty bed - you will get in a bad mood
    lie in too short bed - you feel that you do not fit in with the surroundings, think about what you are doing wrong and try to correct it
    lie in a messy bed - you are not in be able to satisfy your sex drive
    lie in bed with a baby - fulfill your own desires
    lie in bed with an unknown person of the same sex - you will find yourself in a situation where you will feel uncomfortable.

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