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Bear in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Bear in a dream symbolizes independence, strength, death and resurrection; it also signifies the life cycle. Moreover, a bear is a spirit of healing and emotional rebirth. It may indicate a need for rest. and regeneration.
    bear walking in the forest - you have the strength to succeed
    to see him - the dream represents a powerful enemy or rival who steps on your fingerprint
    see you dancing - a gossip that will do a lot of harm
    attacking bear - sleep suggests that it is necessary to be cautious in life.
    runaway - a good prognosis
    to be attacked by a bear - sleep means an outbreak of uncontrolled aggression or a possessive relationship; you may feel trapped or that everyday matters are overwhelming you.
    to run away from bear - a dream indicates difficult obstacles that you will have to overcome in your life
    a dead bear or a bear's fur - your happiness will come at a cost
    someone kills him - your rival will soon suffer a severe loss
    kill the bear - you will be able to get rid of those you don't want in your surroundings
    bear hibernating - you should abandon the current procedure and start thinking outside the box
    big bear - in some case you will be able to take a risk because fortune is now on your side
    to see a few bears - you will face numerous adventures in life that will require more commitment and energy from you
    to see a bear in the house of a person you know - a person living in this house will soon become dominant or dare character in your life
    polar bear - finally you will see your eyes and some situation will become clear to you
    brown bear - a dream indicates a new beginning.

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