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Bathroom in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A dream about the bathroom reflects the desire to get rid of old ideas, views and negative feelings. Bathing is an act of spiritual cleansing, therefore the bathroom represents personal freedom and cleanliness. Sometimes it can be a strong incentive to start a new business.
    see - you expect someone to provide you with a higher standard of living on a daily basis
    to be in it - you want to wash away memories of difficult times
    see someone in her - you want a closer relationship with the person you dream about
    see strangers in your bathroom - you will help other people to make important decisions in their lives
    see the shower - your current situation will improve soon
    see an empty bathtub - an opportunity will pass by your nose
    spend a long time in the bathroom - you feel comfortable in your own skin, sleep expresses satisfaction with your present life
    bathroom with dark tiles - you will overcome the difficulties that stand in your way
    bathroom with light tiles - jealous people will try to disrupt your moments of happiness
    bathroom flooded with water - the dark side of your character will prevail over rational behavior
    connected bathroom with rooms - you want to break toxic ties and move forward in your life
    cold and clean water in the bathroom - you will enjoy good health
    dirty water in the bathroom - you will manage to avoid an immediate threat to your life
    cloudy water in the bathroom - you will worry about your health condition.

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