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Barrel in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The appearance of a barrel in a dream is often associated with sexual needs, sometimes the dream indicates an underlying disease.
    see the barrel - your efforts will be rewarded
    to strain the barrel - fate will finally smile at you and your bad streak will soon be over
    see a lot barrels - you will multiply your fortune
    empty barrel - long and unpleasant adventures, alternatively sleep means unmet needs and emotional emptiness
    full - your efforts will eventually be rewarded
    leaky barrel - you will suffer huge losses
    bottomless barrel - any your actions will prove futile
    leaky barrel - a dream foretells financial losses
    roll the barrel in front of you - you will receive a profitable occupation
    to lift or carry a heavy barrel - after c You will have a rest for your hard work
    buy a barrel full of wine - you will be a welcome guest in the company
    roll barrels into the cellar - you will provide a rich and materially secure future
    stamp barrels - you will free yourself from worries
    put a cork in it - you will feel instability in life
    barrel of beer - your health will improve
    barrel of wine - indicates the need for more frequent socializing.

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