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Barometer in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The barometer is a sign that it is high time to make important measurements in your life. It is important to consider whether all the changes we made in the last time were right.
    if you can see it - the actions you take with high hopes will not bring you any result
    if you see it shatter to pieces - a dream heralds a sudden turn in some matter
    barometer operation - bodes you in acquiring new skills necessary to continue functioning in difficult life moments
    barometer scaling - it means that you may come across obstacles, but you can handle them perfectly
    reading the measurement from the barometer - it is a sign that you will experience a pleasant surprise that it will change the fate of your loved ones
    if the barometer reading is high - in the near future due to excess obligation you will have a headache
    if the barometer reading is low - feeling unwell will take away your willingness to work.

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