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Banquet in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A banquet in a dream is a symbol of madness, adventure and the pursuit of life joy. The dream interpretation augurs that this is a great time for the dreamer to take on new challenges and to gain new acquaintances and experiences. The dream in which the banquet appears heralds positive news about your finances or plans for long journeys.

Dream interpretation - banquet:

    If you see a banquet, the dream book says that you will take care of your private life and postpone your professional matters for later. It will not be a very good time for you to do any business.
    When in a dream you are talking to people at a banquet, it is a sign that a certain person will take you for someone you are not really, so better be graceful and natural so as not to be mistaken for a liar or manipulator.
    A pleasant banquet means in dreams that you will meet a friend who will change your life, you will not have to look too far because this person has long been within your reach.
    If you dream that someone invites you to a banquet, then you will get a unique chance to get rich, but try not to listen to the advice of people who promise you golden mountains, because this way you will not achieve anything.
    An unsuccessful banquet in the dream book is a message not to succumb to the mood of the moment, because it may turn out to be too expensive entertainment for you. If you tell someone one word too many, it can cost you a lot.

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