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Banana in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Banana in a dream means happiness and love, is also a symbol of fertility and sensuality. In women, it symbolizes purely erotic associations, alternatively indicating suppressing one's own needs. This fruit in dreams it is most often an expression of energy and passion. If you dream of a banana, it may also mean that you will be rejected or you will be overcome with frustration in life.
    looking at a banana - means that you are not satisfied with your sex life or you are considering your relationship progress
    banana salad - it means that in your relationship you feel disinterested by your partner
    yellow, ripe banana - a forecast of happiness and satisfaction with life
    green, unripe banana - heralds the advent of better times; maybe also suggest that you will get involved in a certain matter and compromise unnecessarily
    eating a banana - bodes for taking new ventures in business matters or feeling fear of losing potency
    a banana that has not been fully eaten - it means that achieving your goal will require drastic steps from you
    selling bananas - a sign that you will be overwhelmed by increased sexual activity
    banana pudding - you will finally realize your limitations
    banana cake - other people's suppressed feelings will soon emerge
    banana juice - indicates that you will be happy only when a certain person leaves your life for good
    a spoiled banana - usually signals that life's disturbances will take away joy and happiness
    banana mousse - you will have to make a difficult decision that will affect your relationship with those around you
    a banana in a basket with another ymi fruit - can mean gaining the knowledge needed to make progress in life.

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