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Ballet in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The dream about ballet is a symbol of emotional balance and a sign of interpersonal cooperation, life harmony and grace.
    watching ballet - means that in the face of life's challenges you will be full of positive energy
    if you dance in a ballet - a dream is a harbinger of general disappointment
    if you can see or you wear ballet shoes - you have a problem with telling someone directly what you think about him
    slow dance in ballet - it is a sign that your life will slowly calm down and calm down over time
    hectic and unusual dance - means life shocks and perturbations
    if you watch ballet - you will admire someone's behavior
    work in ballet - is a guideline not to make hasty decisions in life, it is better to choose a well-developed plan
    solo dance in ballet - is a sign that you are sure you will have to deal with this situation without the help of other people
    dancing with others in ballet - you will fix things that went wrong and finally achieve something in life
    dancing with a ballerina - you will start feeling limited in your life
    ballerina in a music box - suggests that you have a problem with someone you are close to, if your problems will not be solved everything will go in the wrong direction
    if you are a ballerina - using the experience of other people try to save your relationship by any means.

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