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Bait in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Bait in a dream is a sign of looking for an opportunity in life, a dream may also indicate a desire to set a trap for someone. A bait is always associated with financial success in a business context, it can also be related to wanting to solve certain life problems.
    Life is always taking risks, and the more you risk, the more you win.
    casting the bait - means wanting to get other people to do something that you firmly believe in, but others are against it
    if you lose the bait - it's a sign that other people will turn to you with a request for advice
    if you see the bait on a fishing rod - you will achieve spectacular financial successes in your life
    looking for the bait - means that people's attitudes from your surroundings will change in the near future
    if you cannot get the bait - consequences of some yzyj can make your life change a lot
    using bread as bait - a sign that you will be deceived in a situation that you will not fully understand
    if you hold the bait - you will achieve success at the expense of other people
    if a stranger holds the bait - you will not forget those who supported you in your life for a long time; a dream can also mean that you are afraid to take risks in your life, which can slow down your development
    if the bait is held by your friend or loved one - someone you know will try to cheat you.

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