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Badger in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The badger dream is a symbol of endurance and victory in an unequal fight. A life of hardship and toil can be rewarding, and often difficult decisions can turn out to be the best. A badger in a dream is also an expression of independence and the ability to perform independent work. It shows the willingness to survive any difficult situation, regardless of the surrounding conditions. It can also symbolize ferocity, bravery and aggression. It indicates a subconscious desire to take a stance on a problem in the waking life.
    If you dream that you see a badger, it is a sign that thanks to extensive acquaintances you will soon achieve success in life.
    When you see a badger building its home, it is a sign that all your problems will be solved thanks to your determination and willingness to take quick action.
    The dream of a runaway badger portends winding roads leading to life goals, which may not turn out to be as colorful as it seemed so far.
    When you run away from it in a dream, it may mean that in real life you will start to run away from certain aspects of your personality, so you should be good at what you expect from yourself and your surroundings.
    When you dream of a badger, it is a sign that the social relationships that you have built recently will help you find peace and achieve well-being in your life.
    A badger fighting for his own territory claims that in a crisis situation you will act like a real hero, you will only need adequate motivation and spiritual support of your loved ones.
    When you dream that you see a badger fighting a larger opponent, then it means that you will be lucky quite by accident, thanks to which you will take advantage of the opportunities in your life.
    A badger's fur in a dream foreshadows the joy of everyday ventures as well as private property and large wealth. Usually, a dream foreshadows good luck, happiness, success and wealth in life.
    If you see two badgers next to each other then a dream shows it, and you will finally stop listening and advising others, leaving you free to decide what you want to achieve in your life.
    A large badger in a dream is associated with joy in friendship, it usually portends the meeting of high-level influential people who will tear you out of the daily routine in which you have lived for many years.

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