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Baby in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A baby symbolizes purity and a new beginning. It is a sign of rebirth, new ideas and goals that matter most in our lives.
    A baby is usually a very good sign, especially if the dream is positive, it shows a joyful and happy life.
    having a baby - you will have new opportunities
    wear them in a scarf - you have to find a new solution to old problems
    carry them to baptism - you will reap the rewards for your efforts and efforts
    giggling baby - you will focus on planning your future
    baby sucking a pacifier - you will learn new skills that will be useful to you in the future
    walk with him - you will get involved in an important undertaking
    feed your baby - you are worried about your career path, sometimes petty a step may improve the situation, so don't break down and wait for your turn
    save the baby's life - you will inspire an important person with your actions
    buy baby - someone unexpectedly turns to you for advice
    stolen or otherwise lost baby - you feel great fear of losing something important in your life
    inadvertently leave the baby in the car or shop - you will try to escape from responsibility
    baby sleeping - you will have a bright future
    a crying baby - you may need help in the near future
    if the baby is crying because he wants to attract attention - you will have to show a lot soon creativity
    hold them in your hands - the dream suggests that if you want fulfillment in life, you should take charitable activities
    drop them - the dream has a definitely negative overtone, may indicate your recklessness, or running away from life's difficulties
    visit baby in hospital - you still feel addicted to someone, maybe it's time to finally take your own position and become a more independent person
    change the baby's diaper - if you do not treat other people with due respect do not expect everyone to carry you by the arms
    be a nanny and look after your baby - you need financial help that you are afraid to ask your friends for loved ones
    twins - there will be great opportunities in front of you
    large number of babies - you have a lot of energy in you, which is properly spent make sure that nothing can stop you from achieving your goals
    beautiful baby - you will experience great joy and happiness in life
    ugly - for some reason you will not be able to trust your friends
    small and skinny - your future is not in its best colors
    chubby and thick - sleep bodes good times
    give birth to a baby of a different skin color - a dream indicates your independence and not paying attention to adversity
    a sick baby - a dream portends a life failure
    boy - reflects male features of life
    girl - represents intuition and the power hidden inside each person
    deformed baby (without arms, legs) - sleep indicates delays in certain areas of life, it can be extremely stressful for parents with a sick child, but there is no reason to worry, because it is only your subconscious that prompts you to worry about your future
    dead baby - you feel enormous stress, it can be associated with a large number of responsibilities that you constantly impose on yourself in your life
    death of an infant - you have a feeling of failure, sleep can also represent a problem that requires your full attention
    murder them - through your own actions you will experience many unpleasantries in your life.

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