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Axis in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Axis sleep means that you will soon have to concentrate on more important things in life than before. Perhaps you feel too burdened with everyday life or too sensitive to the harm that you see in others. The axis is a symbol of the repetitive and regular cycle of life. If in a dream it rotates quickly, it is a sign that our life is very fast and dynamic, if the axis turns slowly, then our life probably runs slowly and not very energetically.
    if you can see an axis - remember that you can never be too careful in life
    broken axis - means a lack of self-confidence, independence and control in life
    curve axis - a sign that everything in your life will turn upside down
    axle drawing - it's a good harbinger, finally you will take a good and wise venture
    a wagon axle that squeaks - don't take care you actually eat a certain matter, which will make your opinion much worse
    a quietly rotating axis - it is an expression of all success in your everyday endeavors and it bodes well for the fulfillment of your personal dreams and desires
    axis from the machine - usually means collapse of profitable income and outflow of cash
    broken axis - is a bad omen portending no luck in everyday endeavors.
    timeline - it is very important for every person, because it is an overview of all life events from the past, but you should be careful not to analyze your the past too accurately, because it may have the opposite effect.
    number line - it is an expression of a materialistic approach to life, but remember that sometimes it is better to go to the element in life than to measure everything forever, brew and count.

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