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Attic in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The attic in a dream is a symbol of mystery and old memories. What is in the attic is of great importance for the correct interpretation of the dream. If you find personal belongings in the attic then you can expect a return to the old days, but if you have the opportunity to be in someone else's attic then you are looking for something that you will not find in your own environment, you must muster up the courage to ask for help from someone outside.
    see or be in the attic - long hidden memories will finally see the light of day
    own attic - you will take responsibility for your own affairs, which have always been dealt with by someone other
    climb steep stairs - you only make plans and theoretical considerations, you still lack self-denial in action
    be afraid of the attic strong> - you will encounter serious difficulties in life, which you will manage soon after dying
    if the attic is dreamed of by a poor person - your financial situation will unexpectedly improve
    an attic full of old things - a chapter that a long time ago you closed in your life will turn out to be still open
    burning attic - rethink the decision you want to make soon.

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