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Attendance in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Dream attendance is a sign of readiness to travel, which gives a person the opportunity to follow the voice of their own intuition. It is a symbol of a frivolous soul and a prosperous future, it allows you to strive for changes that will free yourself from a difficult situation. Sometimes it is a sign of illusions about meeting a person with similar tastes and desires.
    Full attendance in a dream portends the coming difficulties and troubles. However, if you have a positive attitude towards everything you do, you will be able to cope with the obstacles that will appear on your way to the desired goal.
    When you dream of low attendance, it is a sign that you want to break away from your problems for a while to experience a little normality in your life again.
    Unexpected dream attendance is a sign that your tendency to waste will put you in unfortunate trouble.

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