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Attack in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Sleep is a simple and safe way to express your anger in some vital area of ​​your life, it also means feeling harm caused by fate. Dreaming of an attack can also mean facing or avoiding current situations.
    survive the attack – you will unconsciously arouse someone's fear
    be attacked by someone – your life will take off quickly, which will cause you a lot of problems
    be attacked by an animal – be careful, pay particular attention to who you associate with on a daily basis, a dream animal can mean a person with whom you generally come into contact
    kill the attacking animal – premonitions no they will confuse you; you will trust the wrong person and you will fall for pity
    survive the attack – you will experience some shock, but from which you will shake off and return to your former form
    see an attack in others – you scare someone by accident.

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