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Atlas in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The dream about the atlas is interpreted as the ability to control people or as the pursuit at all costs to obtain the desired result in important life matters. Dream is also a sign of building different stages in your life's journey. Dreams about an atlas may alternatively indicate that you should work more on certain areas of your knowledge, which you will be able to use more than once in the future. It symbolizes the willingness to travel, to escape from the gray everyday life, it can also mean disorientation resulting from the constant search for a way out of a difficult situation.
    Browsing the atlas in a dream tells you that you will begin to pedantically take care of the smallest details in your life.
    If you dream about an old and damaged atlas, it is a sign that you will not learn anything new in some area of ​​knowledge.
    When you dream that you are looking at an atlas, it is a sign that before starting the journey of your life, you should first carefully define your plans.
    When you study the atlas in a dream, it may be an announcement that you will marry someone from a very distant place in the world.
    When you give it to someone as a gift, it means that only by gaining new experiences will you be able to act as other people tell you.
    If you buy an atlas, you will finally shine in front of your surroundings, showing the true face of your personality.

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