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Aster in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Asters in a dream are quite a complex and specific symbol, which on the one hand carries a negative message, and on the other hand gives people hope for a better future and heralds numerous successes, respect and recognition of the environment.
    if you see asters - other people will start to give you their dignity and recognition
    breeding asters - means that you will meet with great publicity and success in your life, which will give you a better start for the future
    giving asters to someone - you will not finish the already started project
    withered asters - hopes that will fail
    if you smell asters - very often heralds a career promotion or a higher social position
    white - this is a bad harbinger, sometimes it may herald the disease of a loved one
    black, blooming - herald a sad time or a funeral
    picking asters - means taking a high risk in life, which you never know if it will be beneficial for the dreamer.
    bouquet of asters - for thanks to the cause of a certain person you will gain numerous honors in your life and you will gain very beneficial contacts
    if you plant them - your will to interfere in someone else's relationship will be a great failure
    growing in your garden - you will finally notice many bright sides in a relationship with a certain person.

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