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Asbestos in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Asbestos in dreams is a symbol of hidden danger and unnecessary tensions, it is also a sign of pent-up anger that you will soon discharge on someone. The dream of asbestos is also an expression of sadness caused by failed undertakings.
    asbestos on the roof - a sign that you will find yourself in a critical position after the battle
    asbestos in the wall or in the floor - it foreshadows an unpleasant surprise that will have a bad effect on your future
    if you are exposed to asbestos - it is a sign that you are hiding your true feelings for too long, therefore, undoubtedly, an argument with a loved one is in the air
    when you work with asbestos - you should be careful because there are people around you who may try to stop you from finding out the truth about a certain topic
    remove a asbestos - is a sign of regret about something you have done in the past
    asbestos poisoning - means that a certain person will sentence you without being able to defend your own rights

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