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Armor in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Ancient dream books suggest that armor is most often associated with hiding from the world. In general, a dream may mean that you need protection or want to get away from someone. Armor most often represents our own defense mechanism, it can also reflect the dreamer's strong ego. In a negative sense, it indicates a problem with giving up bad habits. Sleep also means that over time you will become resistant to negative emotions, thoughts or situations. In other words, you will start to cope well with deal with your problems no matter where you get thrown.
    when you see armor - you do not accept certain changes or you resist them at all costs when you wear armor - most likely a sign that that you have an ego that is too exuberant, so that others may perceive you as an arrogant person; so let others make mistakes and live your own life
    wearing armor - portends problems p sychological or emotional
    shining armor - shows that you have the emotional resources necessary to deal with problems
    if you are trying to kill someone wearing armor - a dream is an attempt to control or get rid of the negative aspects of your own personality
    silver armor - means that you will soon lose something valuable in your life, probably it is money or other material wealth
    armor in gold - a sign that someone will give you a gift
    new armor - is a message that if you don't want someone to hurt you again, better keep your distance
    when you take off your armor - finally open up to the world and let people know you better
    a man in armor with a gun - a dream announcement that someone will hurt you, but you will still be able to protect yourself.

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