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Armband in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The armband in a dream is a symbol of submission, complication, low self-esteem and enslavement. The dream in which you see the blindfold means that you can easily complete the tasks entrusted by someone.
    The armband on a damaged eye is an expression of hidden sadness or embarrassment about your own weaknesses. Dream can also be an expression of lowered self-esteem.
    When you wear a armband, it is a sign that you are overlooking the problems that are making your standard of living continue to deteriorate; instead of resting on your laurels, take appropriate action and all problems will solve themselves.
    Putting a armband on someone in a dream is a foretelling that you will start looking at the world through pink glasses through someone else's guidance. Blind faith can lead you to become unnecessarily fixated on someone else's theories.
    If you dream that you are wearing a armband, it is a sign that you want to keep your loved ones together. A dream can also be a harbinger of an improvement in the dreamer's financial condition and a harbinger of a favorable solution to many complicated matters.

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