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April in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    April in dreams is most often a sign of spring awakening after a long period of waiting and stagnation. This month, anything can happen, for those who are thirsty for love, it is a fortune-teller for romantic moments and elation.
    trip in April - heralds a time of hope
    1st April - can send a message that someone may cheat you in an important matter of personal nature
    cold or frosty - is a harbinger of a problematic bond with a person who seeks your undoing
    warm and sunny - is a harbinger of the coming of better times in life, means saying goodbye to the time of sadness and terror
    snow in April - usually means that some things can happen despite this that we would not like it
    April walk - this is a sign that someone will make you happy with the little things you you don't even expect
    unlucky April - you'd better be ready for a bucket of cold water right away, even though your behavior shouldn't raise any objections so far
    happy April - the sooner you reach your dream goal, the faster you will start climbing to the top of the social ladder.

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