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Appointment in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Appointment in a dream often indicates an improvement in your financial situation. Sometimes a dream highlights certain feelings that you need to let go of, in a negative one it can significantly reflect overwork and stress related to professional activity.
    having a job - reflects the dreamer's positive attitude towards life
    getting an important job - a sign that you will alienate a lot of people
    getting a job after acquaintance - means that your optimism about a certain issue may turn out to be unfounded
    loss of a job - is a sign that you will spend a large amount of money
    change for the better - it means that your situation will improve, and in the future you will face less burdens than today
    change for the worse - means that you feel tired or overworked and the stress you feel
    when you cannot find jobs - you will conscientiously fulfill the duties entrusted to you.

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