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Apple core in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The core, according to what the dream book reveals, is an expression of problems related to unequal division or a sign of reluctance to share. A dream in which the core appears can also express a sense of injustice and injustice in real life. The core, like an apple, is a dream symbol that cannot be clearly interpreted. It is a sign of reckless decisions, temptation and a greedy soul.

The meaning of dream: APPLE CORE

    If you see the apple core in a dream, it means that you will miss an important opportunity in your life that will be cleverly used by your enemies. You should therefore be vigilant if you wish to implement your plans.
    If the apple core is lying on the ground or grass, it is a sign that your constant lack of consideration may turn you into a guest who will not be invited to the table where an important social circle will sit.
    When someone gives you an apple core, it means in your dreams that you will do nothing but taste, you will not be invited to an important event, or you will only get leftovers from the whole that your loved ones will receive.
    According to the dream book, a apple core with seeds is a sign that you will not be able to control the temptation, so you will have to be content with only a fraction of what you assumed at the very beginning.
    A rotten apple core in dreams means a lack of compassion for people who are not willing to have an open and honest dialogue with you. You may not be able to get along with someone or your point of view may be very different from others.
    If you eat an apple core, the dream book foretells that someone will take advantage of you. A naive approach to a certain matter will make you discover your weaknesses in front of your worst enemies.
    If others get the whole apple and you only get the core, then you will face unequal distribution in your life. This may be associated with a sense of injustice in matters of inheritance. Think about whether your loved ones will inherit more from someone than you or your colleagues will receive a better job or a higher pay raise.

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