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Appetite in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Dream of a appetite is a sign of inner hunger, both spiritually and physically. Dream may indicate a hunger for work, relationships or money. Dream also indicates an area in the dreamer's life that remains unfulfilled.
    A large appetite in a dream portends overcoming your own limitations as well as outsmarting people who had no qualms about putting others in a difficult situation.
    If you dream that you have no appetite, it is a sign that a passive attitude in life can contribute to a feeling of hopelessness and sadness.
    A dream of a lack of appetite due to illness may foreshadow unpleasant events in life, sometimes also financial losses.
    When you dream that you are suddenly losing your appetite because of someone else, it is a sign that there will be problems on the horizon that you will have to deal with, it is very possible that you will also need the support of your loved ones.
    For those who are thirsty, dream foretells desire and sex drive, and is also a sign of slowly gaining life experiences.
    In women's dream, appetite is a sign of an unreal, even exaggerated view of one's external appearance.
    In men, the appetite in a dream indicates shyness, which can block him from developing feelings for women.
    An appetite for life is a sign of the desire to undertake many activities aimed at development and increasing one's wealth. Your heart is breaking out to experience many new life challenges.
    Dream about eating shows your greed, which is getting worse and makes you think only of the tip of your nose.

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