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Apocalypse in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Apocalypse dream means emotional changes occurring in each person, as well as radical personal changes. It generally heralds conflicts and life difficulties. in life and moving to the next one. Sleep is very often also the result of stress caused by current events, both personal and political or professional. Think about it, maybe you have too many responsibilities on your mind.
    if you see the apocalypse - you are considering a major change in your life, but the thought of it makes you anxious and scared
    if you hear about it - you'd better be patient, because the dangerous changes that are currently taking place in your life may last a long time
    fear of the apocalypse - this is a sign that an incident will completely take away your faith in a better future
    if you tell someone about her - you will plunge into depression, everything you have believed in so far may now crumble into pieces
    experiencing her - it means rising above your own problems and healing yourself from your own obsessions.
    if someone close to you tells you about it - the secret you will learn will change your life once and for all.

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