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Antiperspirant in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Dream may warn you against taking very important or intense activities that will require a lot of effort from the dreamer. Consider, perhaps you are currently focusing on matters, which are beyond your strength, and the effort you put into solving them may be disproportionate to the results achieved. Better focus on things that are pleasant for you, meet people and enjoy life.
    seeing it - is related to the willingness to undertake many interesting tasks or challenges in life
    using an antiperspirant - is a warning against unpleasantness due to the actions of a person who wants your loss
    if you see someone using an antiperspirant - it is a sign that you lack self-confidence in your life, but in the long run, it will not pay you to give in at all
    empty antiperspirant - reflects the feel not social isolation, maybe for some reason you have broken relationships with your social circle, think about how you can fix them
    buying an antiperspirant - it is a sign that new relationships will turn out for you very beneficial.

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