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Antichrist in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Antichrist in a dream is a harbinger of troubles and worries. Lack of faith can cause the world you live in to suddenly crumble or make no sense. A dream in experiencing an unexpected infatuation in another sense.
    seeing him - means that you will hold a great grudge against someone, the ground is that the source of the misunderstanding should finally see the light, otherwise it may lead to a quarrel
    if you are - you will stop believing in the words of a certain man and finally start following your own path
    if you negotiate with him - quarrels about divisions and financial matters will now become your bread and butter
    talking to him - is a harbinger that a different perception of reality and a different vision of the world will make people stop trusting you
    if you are arguing with him - a sign that you will meet very false and hypocritical those people who will poison your life
    if you try to drive him out - the dream bodes well for winning in a case that has been keeping you awake recently.

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