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Anniversary in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The anniversary in dreams is a sign of waiting for the arrival of great news, a symbol of happiness and good luck, and a harbinger of a new stage in life. Sleep also foreshadows a happy relationship.
    wedding anniversary - means longing for a marriage, maybe the time has come to stop being afraid of minor issues, because if love is true, it can overcome everything
    couple celebrating an anniversary - may mean that you want a fairy-tale relationship, but don't forget that life is not a fairy tale and not everything has to be perfect, so better appreciate what you have and be happy
    if you forget about an anniversary - a dream is a sign that you are too much focusing on a details of a certain matter, for your own good you should let it go a bit
    if the partner forgot about the anniversary - the dream reveals the need for the control in the relationship
    anniversary of death - it indicates longing for loved ones
    anniversary of the prom - testifies to nostalgia for times gone by
    golden anniversary - testifies to the desire for a happy and long life together with a partner
    silver anniversary - shows that your goal in life is to stay with your loved one.

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