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Angle in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Dreaming of standing in a corner is a sign of frustration and lack of control when making important decisions in your life. Perhaps you feel trapped or you feel cornered by someone. Dream also shows that you cannot choose the right path in your life. For some situations there is no perfect solution, sometimes you have to work very hard to be able to deal with problems that seem to be easy to solve. A dream of standing in a corner also indicates a feeling of lack of freedom or an attempt to punish yourself for past mistakes.
    When you see an angle in a dream, it is a sign not to worry about other people's lives and affairs, because it may turn out to be very disastrous for you.
    If you see a lot of people standing in a corner, then the dream sends a message that a certain person will start to avoid you or drag your friends over to their side.
    When you stand alone in a corner, a dream foreshadows a life isolation that you will treat yourself. Only cooperation with other people can save you from the troubles that you will have to face.
    Trying to hide in a corner from something or from someone in a dream is a sign to be careful because people who deal with gossip can bring unnecessary misfortune on you.
    If you dream that the corner is dirty or there are cobwebs in it, then you will have to face again the problems of the past that will come back to you when you least expect it.
    If you are kneeling in a corner in a dream, it means that you will seek help earnestly while everyone will turn their backs on you. Remember, however, that bad karma always comes back and after some time you will be able to refuse to help others.

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