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Anger in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Feeling anger in a dream should be read as a warning sign, most often it portends misunderstandings and disappointments.
    feel anger - you are involuntarily involved in a dispute
    get angry with yourself - you have a problem accepting your own weaknesses
    suppress your anger - disappointment; perhaps you have a tendency to transfer your anger onto others; remember that it is always worth starting with an assessment of your own behavior
    be angry with someone - do not make rash decisions
    to see anger on someone's face - you suppress negative emotions
    get angry with a stranger - a successful meeting awaits you
    get angry with a friend - you can expect a confrontation with someone you love in your waking life
    a relative or friend gets angry with you - you will play the role of ext emcy in some conflict
    anger at you partner - a sign that there will be an argument between you.

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