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Anemia in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Anemia in a dream is a sign of exhaustion, fatigue and a lack of vitality. Dream is a warning against the loss of both physical and mental health. This is a sign that you need rest as soon as possible, otherwise you may lose all the rest of your well-being. So it's best to postpone your work plans and try to rest.
    If in a dream someone else has anemia, this is a sign to watch out for the disease in the family, also keep your eyes and ears wide open to possible danger.
    When you are anemic in your dream, you can expect to keep your vigor and positive energy for a long time. A dream is a positive harbinger of hope for the future.
    If you dream of an anemia that cannot be cured, it is a sign of a health condition that may become more troublesome over time than before.
    A dream in which you are treating anemia is a harbinger of receiving interesting news from faraway places.

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