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Amusement park in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    An amusement park in a dream may mean that you start to see your life as fun, interesting and adventurous. At the same time, a dream may mean that you feel tired and need some rest.
    when you see them - your childhood dreams will come true
    if you are walking with friends in an amusement park - you want a break from everyday life or you miss the simplicity of your childhood
    if you are in it - the changes that will take place in your life will be very positive
    if you work in it - some situation will require your attention, you will have to prove that you are brave enough to take on the right challenge in your life
    when you are trapped in it - the pursuit of pleasure will become one of the most destructive forces in your life
    small - t your social choices will be somewhat limited
    if it is big - you will have many choices in your life
    if you ride it on a carousel - activities that once gave you pleasure will now become a source of pain, and you will feel like you are going around in circles
    if you play games - this is a sign that you like to take financial risks and believe that you will win, even if you do not have a chance.
    if you play games and win something - your charm and the ability to make new contacts they will help you advance in your life
    riding the roller coaster - it is a symbol of change and an expression of the desire to experience something new in life, if you like riding - it is a sign that the changes will come will be positive if you are not enjoying the ride - others may be successful
    crowded funfair - you won't be able to stand e solve all life problems, many of them you will just have to wait out
    haunted funfair - thanks to your endurance, hope and strength you will overcome emotional breakdown
    if you eat cotton candy in it - you must try to enjoy life more.

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