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Ammunition in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Dream about ammunition warns of great danger. Soon you will use all your power to just protect someone or find out for yourself. the dream proves that you will try to face the destructive forces.
    the ammunition view - a sign that your life is going to be very big and inevitable changes
    use of ammunition - means that you can expect any conflicts to arise in the near future
    ammunition production - is a warning against illegal activities or entering into close relationships with people that we do not know well
    if someone is using ammunition against you - remember that you do not have to act immediately on a certain matter, it is best to wait for the events to unfold
    army with ammunition - a sign that you do best if you keep the right distance to someone, succumbing to emotions can only lose you now
    large amounts of ammunition - they are a warning against the big confusion of life
    ammunition buried in earth - a sign that you will have to explain your actions to someone
    if you find ammunition - then due to some misunderstanding you will find yourself in the wrong place and time
    ammunition supplies - in difficult moments you will be ready to take immediate action, you will definitely make a great impression on your charges
    buying ammunition - portends many moments of weakness in your life
    if someone gives you ammunition - remember that you do not have to agree to everything that other people propose, assertiveness will now be yours the key to success
    stolen ammunition - announces that you will stick a stick into an anthill between two h enemies and you will be completely unnecessarily involved in a conflict that will not directly concern you
    child with ammunition - announces that in the near future it will be primarily to keep your nerves in check, strength and decisiveness.

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