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Alcohol in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Dream about alcohol indicates the need for spiritual enrichment, it is associated with a longing for social meetings and having fun. Alcohol in a dream also indicates a reckless approach of the dreamer to serious matters, warns against making hasty decisions in life, and is a symbol of hidden feelings, life distraction and pointless spinning in circles. It is also a sign of regret and fear of exposing yourself. Alternatively, the dream may represent real alcohol problems.
    drinking alcohol in moderation - is a sign of success in real life
    drinking too much alcohol - means that you will find yourself in a difficult situation, the solution of which will involve an embarrassing apology
    drinking at a bar - happy times will come for you
    drinking white wine - portends a period of long and blissful peace in life
    drinking red wine - is a warning of personal desires and pleasures that can cause a scandal
    consuming gin, vodka or rum - is a sign that you have a creative passion that you lost earlier
    drinking whiskey - announces that you will meet someone who is selfish and will only look after their own interests
    drinking alcohol during the ceremony - it is a sign that all the decisions you have made recently are right
    if others drink alcohol - you should prepare to work hard on a certain project, no failure should discourage you from taking this action
    consuming champagne - is associated with a sense of peace in life, calls the dreamer to celebrate; the more you are drinking champagne, the more energy you will have in life
    selling alcohol - this is a sign that you will be surprised by the action you take in relation to your work; dream can also mean that you will soon demonstrate organizational skills
    drinking beer from a mug - shows that you spend too much time on one issue and ignore all others
    being an alcoholic - a sign that you will have to admit your weakness to people who will sooner or later demand explanations from you
    see bottles of alcohol on the table - bodes that you will need to admit about your weaknesses
    drinking alcohol with your family - shows that you are going through a difficult period in your life not only in a spiritual but also material sense
    if you cannot drink alcohol - a dream means that you will make an important decision that will affect the rest of your life
    when someone close to you is addicted to alcohol - something will happen in the future that will make you rich and you will get the respect of family members
    drinking with an alcoholic - says that you will grant someone you dislike wish
    decontamination of the wound with alcohol - heralds the struggle to correct the mistakes made in the past
    drinking alcohol alone - is a warning to think carefully before taking some risky actions; remember that you can make many unnecessary mistakes only by your own instincts
    drinking wine with friends - portends big profits and good business, but if you drink it with an enemy, it means that you are going to change address or move out
    apple wine dream - is a sign of sorrows and losses, and if you are invited to drink this type of drink, the dream may indicate that you need to be ready for a sad event in your life
    getting drunk - is a sign that you will meet a powerful supporter, thanks to which you will achieve honors and become richer.

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