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Alarm clock in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    An alarm clock in a dream shows how you are using your time, it can also be a sign of fatigue and overwork. Think about it, maybe it's time to rest. A dream is a warning that time flies inexorably without waiting for anyone. Eternity consists of moments and is itself a moment of Being. Your purpose in life should therefore be lofty.
    When you dream that you see more than one alarm clock, it means that you are not good at keeping your promises, so for sometime people have approached you with distance, if you do not change it, they all stop trusting you with time.
    If you see an alarm clock in a dream, it is a sign that you are concerned that you do not have too much time to look after all the matters that need to be resolved.
    If the alarm clock has stopped, the dream shows that you are involved in relationships with people that have not brought you any joy for a long time.
    When you dream that you hear an alarm clock, then an unpleasant surprise awaits you in life, sleep is also a warning of danger.
    If you give someone an alarm clock as a gift, then sleep is a sign of a quick recovery after a serious illness or after a difficult period.

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